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About Us

Personalised Approach

Eden Garden Fencing personalise your instalation to suit your requirements. We also take great care in the selection and fabrication of materials, ensuring strength and longevity of Service. Care is also taken to integrate the product with adjacent paths, lawns or beds ensuring a great experience as well as an attractive and sturdy new fence.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Eden Garden Fencing have been supplying Fencing and Decking for 15 years and strive for excellence. We also instal Gates, in this instance designed to blend with a run of Post and Panel fencing. Furniture such as hinges, pad bolts and latches are of galvanised finish. This provides for a long service life and eliminates the need for painting.

Insured and Guaranteed

Eden Garden Fencing is fully insured and products are backed by manufacturers' warranty.

For peace of mind, we use robust weather resistant fixings. As in the example of this rugged Picket Fence, wood screws and galvanised fixings provide for a robust and attractive fence.

 Eden Garden Fencing

Seaton , Devon

serving   Seaton , Axminster , Lyme Regis , Honiton


Tel: 01297 23596 Mob: 07977 415446

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