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Here are the answer to some of the common and widely occurring questions.  Has your question still not been answered? Please email us at : 


What is the price of an initial consultation ?
An initial consultation is usually free . We do not charge for any work unless this has been the subject of a estimate and the client has instructed us to proceed .


What if I am undecided about my requirements ?
After your initial consultation you may have a clearer idea of what you require .

We may be in a position then to outline our ideas on how any project might develop , with budget or fixed costs , depending on the nature of the work.​


Why do I need a garden designer or landscaper ?
The impartial role of an external practitioner can be invaluable . Moreover , there are technical requirements to meet and a fund of accumulated knowledge is at your disposal .


Also, the work can be done in one or more phases rather than living with a building

site !.​

Perhaps the most compelling reason , however , is the matter of core competence . A garden designer needs to remain at the cutting edge of the trade . Others will of necessity have competing demands on their time and attention , may not have the total skill set required and mistakes can be costly !


How can I be sure how the project is developing ?
We will be providing you with regular feedback and you will clearly see how the work is progressing .


Will I have any costs from third parties ?
There may be instances , involving warranty , for example , where you may prefer to take a cost on your own account where third parties are involved , for reasons of legal contract .


What commitments will I have to a garden designer or landscaper ?
The client will decide the extent of any commitments he or she wishes to make to the service provider and you will normally only be billed for deposits and all work completed , subject to our Terms and Conditions.


When would be the best time to involve Eden Garden Developments ?
The best time for you would have been a year ago .  The next best time would be today !

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